The delivery of a message is one of the most powerful forms of communication, and for centuries advertising has proven to play a major role in the communication cycle. Advertisers are tasked with composing, strategizing, and delivering a message, where the ultimate goal of that message is it falling into the hands of the right recipient. Through great times and through bad times, advertising is here to get the job done.

Let’s be honest, advertising does not save lives. But what it can do, is inform the masses on how lives can be saved. COVID-19 crept into the scene as a secret agent but has evolved to being the global villain – who inadvertently has affected every nation, market, and industry. So how can advertisers survive and fulfill their ultimate goal and maintain a lasting impact?

Here are our suggestions on how advertisers can prevail in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Give your message value.
During an unprecedented and uncertain time, the importance of nailing your message is key in reaching your audience. It is important to remember why it is important for your audience to not only acknowledge your message, but to take action. When looking at your concept, step back and review the fundamentals of why someone should take notice, and what value it will serve to them. If you don’t see the value, chances are, they won’t either. Take notice and value what your audience needs, prior to what they want.

Keep it simple. Keep it sweet.
There is no time or space for clutter – your audience should be able to receive and decipher your message instantly. You’ve taken into account what your audience needs, now make it foolproof. With a massive overflow of information from every source around, your message should be crystal clear. No overthinking, clarity, and action focused.

Make it worth sharing.
The job isn’t done when you’ve launched your campaign. In the best way possible, allow it to be contagious, aka, shareable. You’ve strategized long enough for your audience to resonate with your concept, now allow your audience to do their part and share it with their audience. In this case, be proactive and value the platforms, which let you share what you need to share. Remember, social media is your friend, now more than ever.

Remain authentic.
So, you’ve narrowed it down. Your campaign is foolproof and is ready for the world. Stay right there for another moment, and ask yourself, “Is this our brand?” Times like this call for authenticity. Remember what your brand stands for, its core values and ultimate mission – your campaign should be a reflection of those values and should fit the brand.

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