Leave it to Google to make Zero better than One.

Position Zero, (a featured snippet), is the information Google positions ABOVE the normal search results and is twice as likely to be clicked on than the first position result. The featured snippet most closely answers the question posed by the user. This preview location can boost click through rates, thereby boosting the overall ranking of a website.

Recent data indicates search topics most likely to generate featured snippets include: health issues, financial questions, or how to/instructions. Featured snippets aren’t productive for every situation but if it can work for your business, there are a few tips to improve the chances of reaching Position Zero.

Shift your focus so that your main keyword is a question keyword and use question keywords in your content up front. Question keywords should also be added to headers, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Get to the Point!
Site visitors will lose interest quickly if they have to dig through convoluted content. A concise summary at the start of the content that asks and answers the question helps Google see it and rank it, and it engages the user right from the start.

Content is King
Once the concise summary is in place the remaining page content should be provide in-depth information related to the question. Long form content offers more opportunities for backlinks and images and it tends to be shared more frequently. Make sure every word counts and is focused on providing value to the site visitor.

Marketing is Queen (if Content is King)
Understanding that content is only as good as the traffic it generates, it is always a good idea to incorporate some of this content into your ‘paid advertising’.  By including a few of the content keywords into the headlines and descriptions of your paid ads, you may be able to impact your “ad rank” and have the ads show up higher on the search engine results pages.

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