On June 30th, 2021, New Jersey Business Podcast released their 6th episode, featuring special guest Loretta Volpe, Partner and Co-Founder of GMLV. Hosted by Paul Valverde, the New Jersey Business podcast highlights and serves thriving business owners and entrepreneurs that are all about helping, thinking positive, being real, and making money.

In this episode, Loretta Volpe dives in with listeners on all things marketing and public relations from her decades of experience in the industry. From the beginning, Loretta always had an interest in marketing, and began pursuing her career while still in college. In addition to being co-founder of GMLV, she is also a professor and teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). This ability to multitask in her career has put her at an advantage in not just acting upon what she does, but also teaching the trade to others.

When listening to the episode, you will find Loretta is incredibly passionate about the industry as well as her business, thus making her incredibly successful in working with clients to meet their marketing goals. With a diverse group of clienteles, GMLV (Global Marketing with a Local Vision), ensures that every brand has a tailored approach to their marketing plan, and does not provide a one-size fits all business model. With every client being different, Loretta notes success is not about size or scale, but the mindset of the client and their openness to a marketing plan.

The podcast features a multitude of valuable advice and experiences from local entrepreneurs as they share about their journey and secret to success. You can listen to Loretta’s episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.