It may be the end of January but that doesn’t mean the opportunity has passed to bring on the new! Even if your 2021 business resolutions to ramp up communications and place your brand in the spotlight haven’t come to fruition yet—there is plenty of time to kickstart your communications. An evergreen approach can be exactly what you need.

When your marketing efforts are evergreen that means they have longevity. Instead of constantly switching up your messaging, or trying to come up with new, clever ideas to fill the gap in communications between promotions and special events the following marketing ideas instead focus on your brand and its core values.

Here are some great evergreen marketing ideas that can last the year—and beyond:



Launch a Brand Awareness Campaign
At the center of your marketing efforts is your brand. A great evergreen marketing idea is to run a brand awareness campaign by sharing your authentic brand story and letting your brand style shine. It’s an opportunity to connect and engage with your audience.

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Develop Thought-Leader Content
Showcasing your industry expertise is a smart evergreen marketing idea. Write case studies to tout company success. Develop content to position your brand as a thought-leader with how-to articles, or tips.


Connect Your Messaging
Take advantage of every potential touch point to engage your customer and keep the conversation going. Include your website on printed pieces, and make sure your social media posts link back to your website or vice versa.

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Commit to Email Marketing
Share your latest news and thought leader content to keep your audience up-to-date with timely and relevant information.


Committing time to develop your marketing can be a challenge. GMLV can help you get started with a brand awareness campaign, content creation, and building effective, custom email templates. Contact us to get started,, or give us a call, 973.848.1100.