5 Signs it Might Be Time to Partner with a Full Service Marketing Agency
Do you walk into your office with projects to complete, to-do lists to check off, meetings to attend, and sales numbers to hit—all before lunch? Is your marketing “to-do” list buried at the bottom of a very big pile? We get it; and it’s ok. It means you’re busy! And what a great problem to have.

You put your head down to tackle the most important, pressing projects and think—once things settle down I’ll get to that social media plan, or refresh my website. The problem is, eventually you find yourself “trapped” by your own business—spending all your time working “IN” it, and not enough time working “ON” it. Experts say that 20% of your time should be spent working on your business, not in it. If that number seems unattainable, maybe it’s time to get help.

Here are 5 signs it’s time to partner with a marketing agency:
1. Your marketing efforts are little to none.
Businesses get busy. You spend your time putting out fires, managing employees, and doing actual work on the projects that help your business maintain its financial success. Recognize that this is your pattern, accept it, and then find an outside agency that specializes in marketing to help keep your plate free to do what YOU do best.

2. You think of marketing as a scary, foreign word.
What we don’t fully understand can scare us, and that’s ok. Just don’t let your trepidation equal a lack of enthusiasm for promoting your business. Let marketing professionals translate your message into insightful and engaging pieces. Make consistent marketing a priority.

3. You feel like your current efforts might be unfocused and unproductive.
Sure, the newspaper ad rep drops by with doughnuts and knows all your kids’ names, but are you getting the best bang for your buck? Are you even reaching your target audience? When is the last time you had your marketing strategy evaluated or changed to reflect the shift in more available digital marketing options?

4. Social media says what?!?
If you’re busy focusing on the immediate tasks at hand that come with running a business, chances are the social media space has doubled or tripled in size and opportunity since you last logged on. Not only are you required to know the right places to market your business, now you have to keep up with the daily updates of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The mere thought sends you into a panic.

5. You’d like to hire or expand your in-house marketing team, but lack the budget.
We hear and say it all the time—if only we had more money… If you want someone dedicated to marketing your business, but can’t hire a full time staffer, consider partnering with a full service agency. They usually come with the skills to do it all—strategic marketing, design, content writing, public relations, social media management, media planning and buying, and more—often for less than the cost of one employee.

Don’t let marketing stay at the bottom of the list anymore. Change “to-do” to “ta-da”! Evaluate your needs, do your research, and reach out to a few firms to discuss your options. There is no better time to aggressively market your business than when you are busy and growing.

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