While no one can necessarily agree on the number, it has been said that consumers are exposed to approximately 5,000+ brand impressions every day. That could mean anything from the radio commercial playing during your morning commute to the candy bar wrapper left on your kitchen counter and doesn’t necessarily mean you notice it, retain it or act on it in any way. But, regardless of how many times your brand might catch a consumer’s attention, two things are critical: consistency and connectivity.

Of course, consistent visual representation means logo, font, color palette, and other brand guidelines. But, hold those same principles intact for your messaging. Always stay true to your brand with key message points that are reinforced at every intersection and touch point. Use the same buzzwords and phrases over and over again so that consumers instantly connect with you and your brand is top-of-mind during the sales cycle.

Most importantly, make sure the messaging and the touch points are infinitely connected. Many moons ago, a brand placed print, broadcast, audio, outdoor, etc., completely independent of each other. Sure, the creative was consistent but they didn’t talk to each other. Take advantage of every potential touch point to engage your customer and keep the conversation going. If you are printing an ad or direct mail piece, list your URL and social handles. Any social media posts should link back to your website or blog and vice versa. Even a bag or receipt at retail, is an opportunity to invite consumers to get closer to your brand.

Take stock of your media mix and promotional outlets. Are they all connected?

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