The epicenter of all marketing efforts is your brand. Every communication and piece of content, from a social media post to an integrated, multi-channel campaign revolves around the bright center of the marketing universe: the brand. A finely-tuned brand allows all of your marketing efforts—especially evergreen marketing—effectively shine brightly to your audience.

A brand, like all things in life, requires care and attention. Take the opportunity to reassess your brand and confirm that it’s hitting the mark in all the ways that really matter:

Consistent Branding
A brand style guide is a necessary, well-articulated document that will direct a consistent look and messaging tone for all of your communications.
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Effective Communication
Brand communication is built with a focused goal and a consistent voice. It’s important for your messaging to be cohesive and furthermore, you must have a handle on when you deliver your message, how you deliver your message, and who you deliver your message to.
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Is your brand telling an authentic, personal story? When you humanize your brand it affords you the opportunity to connect with people. Connecting with people results in higher engagement. A brand must be relatable, aspirational, and inspirational, in order to effectively communicate.

If something is missing the mark—you don’t see growth, poor brand perception exists, or your audience isn’t engaged—it’s time to evaluate where your brand stands. It may be time for a full analysis, refresh, rebrand, or a new marketing strategy.
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