The idea of creating content to support your marketing efforts can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? How much time and money should you budget? Who’s actually going to write the content and how will you fill a pipeline with interesting and relevant information? Figuring out the best way to create and distribute valuable and appropriate content can be daunting, especially if you don’t have staff dedicated to content creation. Don’t panic! Chances are, you won’t have to totally reinvent the wheel. Here are seven tips to get your content marketing program moving.

1. Repurpose Your Existing Sales and Marketing Materials
Shifting your existing content into shorter pieces by either changing the viewpoint or audience it was created for is a great way to reuse resources. Marketing brochures and sales presentations are easily converted to comparison guides, tip sheets, and short blog pieces. The reason you had these pieces created in the first place is exactly the reason you should continue to use them.

2. Create Infographics
Turn your written words into images. Infographics use simple images to convey information quickly and easily. Often a quick design can translate facts, statistics, and tip sheets into an easily digestible synopsis. The infographic can be distilled down into bite-sized posts or shared as a whole. For an example, click here

3. Q&A
Turn your most frequently asked questions into a topic of conversation on social media. Begin each topic with, “Did you know…” Add an introduction and a conclusion to these topics and you’ve got a great blog post.

4. Introduce Your Team
Chances are your organization is filled with people who know a lot about their job, the company, and may even have insight into topics related to your business. Use them! Craft a survey to circulate to the team. Create an interview that showcases the people behind the business, share a photo, and a snippet of their thoughts on social media and other outlets. Interview other staff on topics that relates to their role in the company and share them. Include a photo for additional interaction.

5. Toot Your Own Horn
Have you won an award, expanded your business, or reached a new goal? Share a photo along with your accomplishment and get ready to feel like it’s your birthday on Facebook.

6. Offer Your Opinions
Find relevant content already written by industry experts and offer your opinions and reflections through smart commentary. Sharing other’s content can also help increase your following by extending your audiences. Just remember to give credit where credit is due.

7. Host a Give-Away
Use the time of year or upcoming event as inspiration to host a give-away to increase followers and interaction amongst your social media outlets. Keep the give-away in line with your messaging; experiment with messaging and contest ideas. Contest rules and restrictions can be adjusted based on your goals, but have fun with this one.

These are just a few ways to jumpstart your content marketing efforts and build your social media presence. If we can help in any more detail, please feel free to reach out at any time, or give us a call, 973.848.1100.